A Simple And Secure Solution To Cash With Benefits That Go Far Beyond Simply Saving You Money.

Tellus-Pay is much more than a payment, it offers its users and merchants a zero fee solution as standard. Instant global payments in a range of crypto, digital and fiat currencies are delivered in real time.

24/7 Services

Full digital banking power in the palm of your hand, with no limitations. Transact securely, anytime and anywhere.

100% Accessible

Fund your account with cash and convert your funds to safe and secure digital money, no bank account required.

Easy Payments

Fast and free digital that are secured with end to end encryption on the Tellus-Merchant network. Send, receive, buy or sell with Tellus-Pay.

Safe and Secure

All payments are secured through our API, we use the most advanced form of SSL and anti-DDOS to keep your funds safe and sound.

The Wallet That Pays

The First Credit (CREDIT) Mobile Staking Wallet

Credit is a highly advanced Cryptocurrency that requires no special equipment to mine. That's because it uses POS (Proof of Stake) to support the blockchain.

Tellus-Pay features the only Mobile-based Credit Staking wallet in the world. Now anyone can participate in mining Credit and earn up to 100% profit per year. It's easy to get started and you get payouts every hour, a simple click is all it takes to enjoy endless blockchain rewards that you have access to instantly.

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No Fee's

Send and Receive Your Money With No Charges

Tellus-Pay has been designed to provide a suitable cash replacement for the world's unbanked. Our users and Merchants benefit from 0 fees when they Send, Receive, Buy or Sell.

Tellus-Pay ushers in a new age of fast, free and fair payments by simply using the best technology available. A perfect combination of Cryptocurrency efficiency and the real world spendability of Fiat currency make Tellus-Pay the future of payments.

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Accept Digital Money

Accept Payment Online Or In Person

Our fast growing merchant network is delivered through a high speed, encrypted and highly advanced API. Merchants who flock to Tellus-Merchant do so to take advantage of our standard zero fee solution.

Integrating Tellus-Merchant into your existing business is simple, use the App instore for checkouts and integrate with our SDK or Woocommerce plugin on your website. We don't make you wait for your money, your funds are available instantly.

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We Deliver An Inclusive Payments Ecosystem

Tellus-Pay combines everything you need to take your payments digital, A wallet that pays you to use it and costs you nothing to use. A fair deal for users and merchants and that's why we have grown so quickly to over 350,000 users globally. Our entire team is dedicated to continue developing and maintaining our products far into the future and we are committed to being your life long partner in fast and free digital payments.

We Stand Out

These Are The Reasons Why

The world has benefitted greatly from blockchain and to build on that success, we seek for further adoption through the successful delivery of Cryptocurrency and Fiat conversion.

Fully Secure Payments

Our technology is security-focussed and built on transactions, this makes it impossible to create funds out of nothing.

No Fee, Zero Charges

Take total control of your finances by using a solution that not only saves you money but can earn you an income as well.

Instant Global Transactions

Send, Receive, buy and sell with us for instant exchange of funds. We are your partner in digital payments.

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What Users Say About US

Our pre-launch marketing has grown our community to over 360,000 users, here is what some of them have to day.