What's It All About?

We have created a payments ecosystem that is unrivalled in the current marketplace. Our zero cost digital banking products not only set you free from expensive fees but also susher in an age of instant transactions. Multiply these benefits by the fact that we offer the worlds' only legitimate decentralized passive income generator already built in and you have the ultimate solution to the global financial crisis.

Send Money

Fast and Free digital payments for users and merchants.

Receive Money

Funds are credited instantly and you have access to them immediately.

Pay Online

Secure online payments secured through our encrypted API.

How Do We Do It?

If you consider that our corporate roots lie in decentralization, then you won't be suprised to learn that we leverage the best benefits of blockchain when creating and delivering our services.

A Highly Suitable Digital Cash Replacement

Our App and Payment Network have all the tools in place to facilitate any type of payment, catering to the needs of users and merchants. We have created a platform that is accessible, inclusive and safe.

Our argument is that cash is unsafe and untraceable and there are billions of people all over the world who are forced to use it because they do not have access to a bank account. Or they do but simply can't afford the fees and welcome the risk of cash for lack of a better alternative.

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Give Your Information to Sender

Designed to provide hitch-free global transactions, all you need as a recipient to receive payments from the sender is simply your details. You are guaranteed a zero fee crypto or fiat currencies delivered in real time.

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Give Your Information to Sender

With Tellus-Pay Mobile Mining app system. Easy to start and you get payouts every hour. A simple click does it! Enjoy endless blockchain rewards with instant access.

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Why Choose Us?

Fast Transfer

Fast and free digital transactions that are secured with our end to end encryption on the Tellus-Merchant network and also sending, receiving, buying or selling with Tellus-Pay

Low Cost

Tellus-Pay ushers in a new age of fast, free and fair payments by simply using the best technology available

Trusted and Secure

Our technology is security-focused and built on transactions, this makes it impossible to create funds out of nothing. All payments are secured through our API, using the most advanced form of SSL, and anti-DDOs to keep your funds safe and sound

Complete Solution

A simple and secure solution to cash with benefits that go far beyond simply saving you money. Tellus-Pay is much more than a payment app, it offers its users and merchants a zero fee solution as standard. Instant global payments in a range of cryptos, digital, and fiat currencies are delivered in real time.

We Make the Easiest Possible Way to Transfer Money

Send, receive and sell with us instant exchange of funds. We are your partners in digital payments.

Our Mission

To be the first and best global digital payments service, delivering instant exchange of funds; using a solution that not only saves the user money, but can earn an income as well via Staking of Credit for a 100% annual profit paid hourly. To the end that CREDIT becomes a force for global adoption and create a life-changing financial freedom to the world.


To make CREDIT a viable replacement to cash and a rewarding option that is attractive to new users. We expect that the Credit Blockchain will outlive all of its current users and knowledge of its benefits will be passed down to future generations.

Our Goal

Global adoption of digital currencies, especially CREDIT with its financial empowerment benefits as a payment platform for the world's unbanked.

Our Partners