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Why Choose Our Service

Fast and free digital transactions that are secured with our end-to- end encryption on the Tellus- Merchant network and also sending, receiving, buying or selling with Tellus-Pay are unequalled features endearing us to you.

24/7 Services

Confirm and send payments anytime, and anywhere!

Instant Cashout

Businesses integrate with our SDK or Woocommerce plug-in for instant cashout. We don't make you wait for your money, your funds are available instantly.

Mobile banking

Right in the comfort of your hands, we have brought Banking to you. With just simple clicks , you can deposit funds into designated banks for your personal and business transactions.

Charge free

With Tellus-Pay services, it's zero fee transactions.

Our Process

How to Receive Money Works

Receiving money with Tellus-Pay app is with ease. With a few simple clicks, you are good to go!

Give Your Information to Sender

Using Tellus-Pay pay for transactions is made very user-friendly. All you need to do is submit an accurate information to the sender.

Request Payment
  • 1 Find a Nearest Location or Wallet

    When filling the information, it can either be details of your bank nearest to you, in the case of fiat or your wallet address, in the case of digital assets.

  • 2 Confirm Your Identity or Access Wallet

    Identity or Access Wallet confirmation is key to block fraud and loss of your funds. Tellus-Pay puts the measure in place to give you a secure sense of banking

  • 3 Confirm Your Access and Request Payment

    As an added security to funds transfer, you need to confirm your access and request for payment. All these checks are for the safety of your funds.

All you need to do is input your cash out code and you have access to your funds.

Insert code

Give Your Information to Sender

With Tellus-Pay, your cash pick up is made easier, either over the counter ( OTC) or on an auto teller machine (ATM)

Our Features

Access your money anytime, anywhere in the world

A guaranteed fast cash delivery is borderless when you use Tellus-Pay. Your funds at your reach anytime and anywhere.

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Agent & Locations

Tellus-Pay is a global mobile money service for everyone. Our global presence is all round the clock.

Cash Out

We don't make you wait for your assets or funds. Instant does it with Tellus-Pay.

Mobile Banking

Total banking services right in your palm with Tellus-Pay. For personal use and business transactions, Tellus-Pay is the solution.

Charge & Others

It's a first of its kind zero fee charges when using Tellus-Pay. No hidden charges. 100% annual profit of mobile mining says it all. A wallet with a difference. Financial empowerment for the world's unbanked.